Elemental Analysis Testimonials

While some of our analysis is automated, reliable results cannot consistently be achieved without an experienced operator.  It is not enough to have a technician who can properly weigh samples on the balance.

Though proper weight is required, it is only one aspect of achieving reliability.  One must also understand the process behind the machine to know that it is working correctly.

A machine can produce consistent results that are unreliable and this is common with an inexperienced technician.  The analyst should understand how to verify that results are valid.

Since each of our samples are run individually, our clients have the option of requesting ash content.  Ash is the solid residue that remains after a compound is burned.  A pure organic compound would be expected to contain no ash.

Therefore the presence of ash can be helpful to identify that the compound is impure.  Paint companies often find it helpful to know the percent ash.  This option is not available when the use of a capsule is required.

On one occasion, a Ph.D. candidate came to us with a problem.  He was confident he had created a pure compound, as the CHN met his theory.  For an unknown reason no lab could help him confirm his Chlorine content.

His compound had very high chlorine content and he suspected some of the chlorine was being lost in the analysis.  As a result of our vast experience, we were able to capture all of the chlorine in his compound and thus give him the correct results.

More often than not, the feedback we get from our clients is they are tired of waiting for results from their old lab.  We can usually provide results within a few days by e-mail or fax, we often report results the same day.


Recent Testimonials on our Testing Services


“Thank you so much for such great and rapid service!…You have come highly recommended by people I have met at conferences recently as well.” Adam – Claremont, CA

“Thanks for getting the results to me so quickly.”Brandon – Chicago, IL

“Hi, I wanted a price quote for a routine sample for single CHN analysis. I’ve sent samples to Midwest Microlab in the past and obtained excellent results.”Chistopher G. -Cincinnati, Ohio