About our Analyzers

Exeter CE440 for CHN Analysis

The CE440 uses thermal conductivity detection for measuring carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen, after combustion and reduction.  The analyzer is used to analyze samples with levels of CHN of 0.3 % or above.  This time-proven technique allows measurements to be made over a very wide range of concentrations.



Accuracy and Precision – The CE440 provides analytical data of unsurpassed accuracy and precision. The complete control of combustion parameters combined with steady state measurement of combustion products ensures a level of accuracy and precision that cannot be matched.


Versatility – With its unique combination of both static and dynamic combustion, the CE440 can combust the widest range of sample types of any CHN/O/S instrument. Our unique horizontal furnace allows for automatic removal of the residue from each sample after analysis, avoiding memory effects and gas flow problems, which can occur with vertical furnace systems.


Reliability – The CE440 is a fully automated CHN/O/S elemental analyzer. The system with its Window® based P.C. operating software has been designed to reduce human error through incorporation of extensive automation, customer help, and diagnostic facilities. Using the technique of steady-state measurement of combustion products, the CE440 is inherently more reliable than gas chromatographic systems which are dependent on flow, column temperature, and dead volume management.


Diagnostics – Continuous diagnostics and automatic maintenance alerts make operation almost fool-proof. By monitoring signals, voltages, and sample throughput, the instrument provides you with continuous status reports on consumable reagents as well as an immediate warning should a problem occur. And, most parts are user-replaceable, further reducing cost and downtime.