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Air Sensitive 

Many samples currently being tested for purity are those that readily oxidize when exposed to air. Most of these samples are also extremely sensitive to environmental moisture. For an accurate evaluation of purity, air-sensitive samples require weighing under an inert atmosphere.

Why Midwest Microlab

Fast service, results are often available within 24 hours without a Rush charge.
Competitively priced services for the industry.
Micro analysis provides the most sensitive method for determining the purity of a compound.
Accurate to 0.3% for analysis.
Less than the cost of maintaining an in-house lab.
Results from micro analysis can help establish the structure of a compound.
Elemental analysis typically requires only 5 mg. of sample.

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  • COVID-19 Update

Midwest Microlab Remains OPEN.

COVID-19 Precautions

At Midwest Microlab, we take the health and safety of our employees seriously.  Steps have been implemented to sanitize our lab on a continual basis and all packages are sanitized when delivered with a 90% alcohol solution.

For Our Customers

Your business is important to us as well and we will continue to provide service through this pandemic.  Midwest Microlab will remain open Monday through Friday 9-4 EST.  Your samples will be processed with the same care and dedication as in the past as Midwest Microlab is dedicated to providing accurate results, expeditiously.

Hi, I wanted a price quote for a routine sample for single CHN analysis. I’ve sent samples to Midwest Microlab in the past and obtained excellent results.

Chistopher G. – Cincinnati, Ohio

Chistopher G. - Cincinnati, Ohio