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Elements – Excel document for finding Chemical Percentages with Chemical composition.

Periodic Table – Period Table (High Definition PDF)


Relevant sites for Bromine:


Expert on Bromine:

A comprehensive look at the history, properties, and uses.


Electrophilic Addition – unsymmetrical alkenes and bromine

Facts and mechanism for the electrophilic addition reaction between unsymmetrical alkenes like propene and bromine (and the other halogens)


Chemistry : Periodic Table : bromine : index

This WebElements page contains a thorough index for the Bromine.


Relevant sites for Carbon:


General Overview of Carbon:

Comprehensive information for the element Carbon – Properties of the element and much more…


Relevant sites for Chlorine:


Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

When we think of chlorine, we often relate it to the salt used in food … Cl connected to C atoms in organic compounds exhibits intense low-energy features …


USGS CIRC 1157 subpage: MAJOR ISSUES AND FINDINGS–Other Organic…

These organic compounds (chemical compounds containing the element carbon) include organochlorine compounds (compounds with both carbon and chlorine)…


Relevant sites for Fluorine:


Process for preparing fluorine – containing organic compounds…

A method for the preparation of a fluorine – containing organic compound which comprises reacting a sulphonyl halide of the formula: RfSO.sub.2 X where Rf…


Electronegativity – polar bonds in organic compounds

Halogen: a member of group VII of the Periodic Table – fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine. Halide: a compound of one of these – e.g. hydrogen chloride…


Relative sites for Hydrogen:


hydrogenation of alkenes

The reaction of alkenes with hydrogen (hydrogenation), including the manufacture of margarine.


Relevant sites for Iodine:


Chemistry and the Aquarium
These results are indicative of total iodine (iodide + iodate + organic iodine) … Dissolved organic iodine in marine waters: Determination, occurrence and…


Relevant sites about Nitrogen


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Relevant Sites about Oxygen


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Relevant sites for Phosphorus:


Phosphotyrosine – Columbia Encyclopedia article about Phosphotyrosine

tyrosine (tī`rəsēn),organic compound, one of the 20 amino acids amino acid (əmē`nō), any one of a class of simpleorganic compoundscontaining carbon, …


inorganic phosphate- Columbia Encyclopedia article about …

Columbia Encyclopedia® article aboutinorganic phosphate.inorganic phosphate. …Inorganic compounds by element · InorganicCrystal Structure Database …